Special Religious Education at Chatswood High School 
and Willoughby Girls High School

Hundreds of Year 7 to Year 12 students at our two local high schools currently attend REACH. REACH is the largest and most far reaching ministry of the churches in Willoughby and has been in operation for over 20 years.

REACH was founded in 1989 by the Combined Churches of Willoughby to provide SRE to students at Chatswood High School and Willoughby Girls High School. 

In NSW Public Schools, up to 1 hour per week of Special Religious Education (SRE, also commonly known as scripture and RE) is recognised by the State Government as an integral part of a public school's activities. 

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REACH is overseen by a REACH Board, comprised of representatives from the Willoughby Ministers Association and supporting Churches. 

REACH endeavours to present the Christian faith to students in an educationally and culturally appropriate way and by employing only professionally trained teachers. It also assists students to develop a sense of values, and provide an important foundation for young people as they seek meaning and purpose in their lives.


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